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Sean Langan - Journalist and Documentary filmmaker

Sean LanganBafta nominee Sean Langan is a British journalist and documentary filmmaker. He works in dangerous and volatile situations; environments noted for war, conflict and civil unrest, from Latin America to Iraq to Zimbabwe, and most recently from Afghanistan where he made the award winning films 'Fighting the Taliban' and 'Meeting the Taliban' in 2007.


"Sean Langan is a film-maker who's often managed to go where other film-makers fear to, or are unable to, tread. In 'Langan in Iraq' he was one of the first filmmakers to document the Iraqi insurgency, and in 'Tea With the Taliban' he got the first TV interviews with the Taliban. 'Fighting the Taliban' saw him get a very rare embed with British forces in Afghanistan.
- Intelligent Factual Festival.


In March 2008, whilst working on a film for Channel 4, Sean Langan was kidnapped in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, by a group associated with the Taliban after trying to make contact with Al-Qaeda's second in command. He was freed three months later (21st June 2008) after his family had negotiated his release.


Sean Langan's most recent film was 'African Railway', Tim Dowling of The Guardian said "The strongest aspect of this marvellous film is that Langan never lets it become simply a picaresque portrait of charming incompetence, comic corruption and exotic scenery".